He Thought He Saw Something in the Sky. The Truth Behind This Remarkable View Will Amaze You

The world is full of mysterious things. Some of them have an explanation, while some don’t. The video below features a beautiful phenomenon in nature. The man holding the camera witnessed a light dancing in the sky. The moment he saw something that unusual, he grabbed his camera and we are glad he did! This viral video is going to stun you!

Many people say this light to be an angel dancing in the clouds. But many more argue that they are actually ice halos. Ice halos are a very natural atmospheric spectacle, created when ice crystals suspended in the sky reflect and refract sunlight. They truly are a remarkable and beautiful sight to observe!

Light in the clouds 0-37 screenshot

Watch this dancing light in the video below. Do you side with the angel’s group or the halos group? Let us know through your comments!

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