Annoying Salesperson Thought the Door Knocker Was a Prank but When She Turns Back, I’m Laughing My Pants Off

Salespeople can get really irritating sometimes. I understand it is their job, but it still bothers me a lot, especially when I’m having a bad day. I am sure a lot of you get wary when the door to door salespeople come knocking on your door. Is there a way to ward them off? Yes, there is! It needs a great deal of devotion, but it sure as hell will keep them away.

The following video shows a prank played on some seemingly oblivious salespeople. You are going to crack up when you see how this hilarious clip proceeds. This is actually a commercial campaign started by a company called Energy Online. According to them: “Door knocking is so last century”. Wait till you see this sidesplitting advert for yourself!

Door knocking is so last century. See how we got rid of them

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