Parents Ask Grandpa to Babysit, Only to Get Texts That Have Them Laughing Out Loud

It’s impossible to deny the close relationship you have with your grandparents if you had them raise you. A special relationship with one’s grandparents can include more than just treats like grandma’s extra baked goods and dad’s stories because they provide something else entirely. You grew up feeling loved and pampered to the fullest.

Consider this grandfather. Stephanie Waterhouse and her husband are blessed to have a caring grandfather who spends time with their son. When the Waterhouses left for a trip to Dallas, Texas, they left their baby Ty in the care of his grandfather, “Paw Paw.” They had no idea, however, that Paw Paw had other plans.

On their trip, they received some text messages that had them laughing out loud. Looking at the messages, we can safely conclude that Paw Paw is bored as hell. And he’s not all that thrilled with new technology, either.

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