Strangers’ Act of Kindness in Restaurant Has Widow Feeling ‘God Sent Me There’

Life can be very hard as you grow old. You never know what will take place and who you will lose in life.

Losing a spouse and/or loved ones as you grow old is very normal. Whatsoever, it is also very sad. But there are ways you can help others by showing them a little act of kindness. Things are not always easy for everyone at all times so it is important for you to always be kind to people. You may not know it but your actions will make a great impact on someone’s day.

Eleanor is a widow who had been eating alone at a diner. However, she had not expected to meet some of the kindest people at the place. When the boys saw her eating alone, one of them asked, ” I saw you sitting over here alone. Do you mind having some company?”. Eleanor was rather impressed and agreed to them.

She describes the evening as a very pleasant one. Watch the full video below!

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