They Laughed When Old Man Needed Help With His Skates – Then This Happened…

Figure skating basic skills such as stopping, gliding, forward and backward strides, turning, and pushing require lots of body control, stamina, core balance, strength, and power. No one would ever imagine the old, who have got weak bones could have these skills nor the required stamina to push through on a skating rink. But when the seemly weak and fragile skaters bring a crowd to their feet on the skating ring, you just know that they are up to something.

The professional skater, Adam Nadas and his friends prank a crowd at the staking rink with their skating skills. They were all dressed up in elaborate old men costumes, pretending to be old and weak as they approached the ice and other skaters.

But they soon began to show off their skills, skating backward. This caught the attention of onlookers and drew them closer. The assumed old men then intensify their skill show off, doing all kinds of impractical stuff like skating around backward close to the ground on one leg and doing a sophisticated on-ice dance routine.

Now that the crowd had been immersed watching, they switched to doing sets of a set of orchestrated backflips. The crowd jaw dropped as the two men and then launched into massive flips that appeared as though they confronted the laws of gravity. Guys pulled their phones and recorded without realizing that these skaters are actually young energetic pros. It was a fun prank. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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