The Internet is Brawling Over This Poor Cat That’s Having the Saddest Day of His Life

We’ve all had bad days. Some days don’t go as planned. Well, it can be a good thing a few times. But some days are just not ours, no matter how much we try to make it. It’s the same with animals as well, and this video is a perfect representation.

In the video, a cat is having probably the worst time ever. And no matter how hard he tries to make it work, it’s not the same. The first thing the poor cat has to go through is that his owner left him and went camping. And since then, nothing is going right.

saddest day for cat

He tries watching TV, maybe that’ll make him pass the time. But every channel he switches, there is something sad on the TV. Fed up, he tries using the computer. And the first thing he sees is that his crush got engaged to some other cat.

He leaves the house in desperation, but it starts pouring rain. He wants a warm cup of coffee, but the cafe has a no cat policy, so that’s no-go. He then tries entering a bar but is too young to get in. He then gives up and goes back home, but unfortunately, he got himself locked out.

WATCH if the poor cat gets to seize the day or does it all go to waste.

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