Woman Shares a Genius List of Ways to Use Old Shower Curtains Around the House

There are many things in our house lying around, taking up unwanted space. Mostly they are old and ready to be in the trash can. However, you may want to take another look. These items can be of more value than expected. Take your shower curtains, for example. It’s more than something that showers your curtains. You can turn them into:

  1. Flim Screen
    Suppose you want to upgrade the movie night. Use a white shower curtain to project the movie. And just like that, you have a new experience of watching movies at home.
  2. Placemats
    Use existing placemats to measure out the size. Draw the lines to map out or just place the mat above the curtain. Now cut through the line. Hot glue the edges downwards so you get a better finish. You might be able to get a total of four placemats.
  3. French Door Curtains
    Add four command hooks on the door. Use a tension rod to place the shower curtains. Adjust the rod in the command hooks. Viola, just like that, you have a curtain for your French Door.
  4. Open Doorway
    If you have an open doorway, and you want to keep the prying eyes away. Use a tension rod and add the shower curtain. Now push the rod against the doorway.
  5. Pillowcases
    Measure out the length required for the pillow. Now fold the shower curtain and cut the few inches larger than the insert. Now hot glue or sitch the edges leaving one side open. Attach some velcro fasteners to the pillowcase.
  6. Tablecloth
    Cut the edges where you hook the shower curtain: Sitch or hot glue downwards for a pleasant finish. Cover the table with the finished material.
  7. Art piece
    You can even turn the curtain into art. Frame a designated piece of the curtain.

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