Husband Said ‘Get Rid of the Ugly Stump’ but Check Out Her Genius Idea

Some people are born with creativity. They just need a thing to trigger their heart and start working on making everything beautiful. Well here’s a video of a woman who was presented with the golden opportunity to let her creativity shine.

To me, creative people are close to being aesthetes. These are the people who find beauty or at least ideas to beautify something when they see something unnecessary or of waste. This video will make you fall in love in every way possible. There really aren’t many people who are as talented to build a tree house out of a wasteful tree stump.

Mimi was kind of unimpressed when her husband cut off the tree in front of their house. Well, it is quite obvious as the tree did not appeal to her aesthetic-seeking eyes. So she decided to put things here and there and built a beautiful tree stump house out of it.

“I always have a project I want to try,” Mimi says in the video. “Plus, I’m known for making simple tasks complex.” Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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