Use Clear Umbrellas for a Genius Dollar Store Gardening Hack

During the pandemic, people enjoyed and relaxed few days in the lockdown. Soon after began the hunt for ways to spend time, efficiently. Many started exploring their love for baking, or painting. While there were some, who enjoyed the occasional sewing.

A great number of people also digging deep in the world of plants. This by far could be a stress-relieving hobby. Moreover, growing fruits and veggies in your backyard mean a fresh supply whenever you need it. It’s high time to add the crucial vitamins to your diet. But gardening doesn’t come easy, you need to be prepared for major initial fails. And research is your best friend. Knowing the soil and plant types is a major help.

To make the overall process easy, people started using garden hacks. The famous one of them being, DIY greenhouse. It is a productive method as well as the cheapest tool for gardeners. All you need is a clear umbrella. To begin with, the project, get your plant pots, cover them with an umbrella. You can choose to remove the handles or keep them as it is. Many prefer the handles as it promises security. This process helps trap the moisture while letting in the sunlight. Although be careful which plants you choose, as many don’t need that level of humidity.

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