Men Rescue Animal They Thought Was A Dog From Drowning In Freezing Water

Being a rescuer is hard and rescuing an animal comes with really difficult challenges. Some are stranded on a dangerous cliff, while others are subjected to extreme heat. The most challenging of all is dealing with a freezing temperature and a wild animal at the same time.

A group of Estonian dam workers discovered an animal struggling to stay afloat in the nearly frozen Parnu River. The men rushed to the river to aid in the animal’s rescue. The majority of the river was covered in ice, which needed to be chipped away. When the men approached the animal, they mistook it for a dog.


Finally, the men cleared a path and reached the shivering dog. They dragged the ice-cold animal to shore and wrapped him in a blanket. The men loaded the dog into their car and drove to the nearby clinic. The men commented on how affectionate the dog was on the way to the clinic, and it even cuddled in one of the men’s lap. They didn’t think anything of it and simply assumed the dog was thanking them for their assistance.

The men were taken aback when the vet informed them that they had actually rescued a wolf. The wolf’s blood pressure was extremely low, which could explain why it was so docile, according to the vet. A local hunter confirmed the animal’s identity as a wolf. The wolf was discovered to be a young male about a year old. When he arrived at the clinic, he was exhausted and hypothermic, and he required treatment.

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