He Isolated Himself in the Desert for 25 Years & Made This in His Cave

If you come across a cave while on a desert hike, would you go in? Many of us get terrified by the idea of a dark and secluded cave, so we often skip them. But if you skipped one of Ra Paulette’s caves, you would be missing out big time. Ra Paulette is an American cave sculptor who is based in New Mexico. He digs into hillsides and sculpts artistic visions inside them.

Ra’s caves attract many visitors worldwide. Many reviewers have described his caves as shrines, or hallowed places, or even sanctuaries. It is most definitely a work of art. Ra is self-taught. He hasn’t studied architecture, sculpting, or structural engineering in a formal school. This incredible man has spent more than 25 years shaping New Mexico’s sandstone into man-made caves all alone. Wait till you see his passionate artworks!

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