Smart German Shepherd’s Figure Out That the Pool Was Harmless, and End Up Having the Time of Their Life

German Shepherds are amazing animals. They are one of the most popular and loved breeds of dogs in the world, and not without reason. They are admired for their intelligence, loyal nature and their instinct to be very protective. Most people get a little intimidated by their looks which, granted, can be a little scary. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be goofy! These sweet dogs can be total goofballs at heart—just look at the ones in the following video.

These dogs are very curious creatures, and the young German Shepherds in the following video are just the same. They don’t look to be even a year old, so they still have the energy and buzz that all young puppies have. Their owner had put out a small inflatable swimming pool in the yard and let them explore it at their own pace. The captured footage certainly wasn’t disappointing—judge it for yourself.

These adorable dogs started sniffing around the pool, perhaps to understand what it was. Like with anything new, these two were quite wary about it at first. But it didn’t take long for these smart dogs to figure out that the pool was harmless, and actually quite fun! They started splashing around and having a jolly good time within moments. Needless to say, they probably destroyed the pool in the process. But their owner didn’t seem to mind much!

Check out the full video below:

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