When This Excited Puppy Spots Its Owner, I Never Imagined His Reaction Would Be This

I remember the excitement I had when I used to see my mommy walk down the gate of my preschool! Yes, I had loads of friends and used to have a blast there but mom is my #1 gal and watching her come to pick me was the best feeling ever! What do you think about it?

Well I can proudly say that this dog knows that joyous feeling too, and his reaction is quite possibly the cutest thing we have ever seen! Check out the video below see how he reacts to his owner. I don’t want to spoil the fun by letting you know beforehand.

All of you might agree when I say this-“Coming home to a puppy this happy to see you is the absolute best way to end your day”!

[ytvid id=”P-8v-_kaZ38″]

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