Man’s Pet Skunk Loves to Play With Him When He Gets Home From Work

Have you come home to find your pets in the most lovable mood. Cats rub against you to show how much they missed you. And dogs are excited as ever to their best friend back. All you want to do is spend time playing with these adorable animals. However, when Christopher Choate gets home from work, his very unique pet greets him— a Skunk!

Christopher works a night shift. Which means he gets home at 3 AM. This is perfect because, by nature, skunks are nocturnal. You often hear of people trying to get rid of these “pests,” so it’s surprising to see someone keeping them in their homes. But Fiora is domesticated. And the happy owner says having her is like having a cat and dog hybrid!


These black and white animals are low shedding, non-allergenic, and surprisingly litter box trainable. Additionally, Christopher got her scent glands removed when she was a kit, so he is free from the danger of any skunky odor. Furthermore, she is an absolute goofball and loves to play. In the clip, she rummages with a plastic bag and plays an adorable game of hide-and-seek with her parent! Watch the cute clip below:

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