According to research and studies; dogs may look ashamed, but they feel no guilt. This topic has long since been debated on. Whatever the outcome may be, we can’t deny that every look our pooch throws at us is adorable as hell. Who can control their heart from melting when they see those big puppy eyes right? That is what happened to this owner as well.

She noticed some missing treats, but she also noticed that her dog Chase had puffed up cheeks. When she approaches Chase and asks him what he has in his mouth, you are going to be in disbelief at what she discovers. Unable to handle the pressure any longer, Chase spits out NINE tater tots! I can’t even imagine how he managed to hide them for so long! Just look at his awkward yet very adorable expression!

Dog Hoards Tater Tots 0-22 screenshot

Watch cute Chase’s antics in the video below! Have you ever had similar experiences with your pet? Let us know in the comments section!

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