Musical Cockatiel Serenades Happy Baby.

Having pets around babies is one of the best ways to boost their mental health. Whether its dogs, cats or even pet birds, they have a very positive impact on children. And if they’re a single child, it’s like giving them a sense of what it’s like to have siblings.

And this video shows how having pets around would reduce your parental stress by half. Here, an adorable Cockatiel is welcoming the newest member of the family into his home.

cockatiel sings to baby

A two-week-old baby lies on his back as he watches the bird next to it. The Cockatiel seems surprised but happy to have a new family member. He observes him and starts to whistle.

The baby is a little clueless because he’s only two months old and doesn’t understand a lot of things. But the adorable bird is delighted to see him. So, he sings for the baby to welcome him home.

WATCH the adorable video of the Cockatiel and the baby boding below.

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