After She Loses Her Job, Pregnant Mom Moves Into One-Car Garage With Her Toddler Daughter

A single mom is making the maximum use of a small garage by turning it into a cozy home. Back in 2015, pregnant Nicole Jones had to go through hardship when she lost her job. The San Francisco Bay Area resident area is highly known for its elite society. 

Nicole was forced to move into a women’s shelter after she could no longer afford the rent.

Albeit the condition, Jones didn’t stop searching. At last, she was able to rent out 250 square-feet single garages for $1000 a month. She converted her garage space into the living area, which was also her bedroom, dining room. In the back area, she has a small kitchen space and bathroom. 

Nicole has made resourceful use of her queen-size bed, which also turns into a couch. Although the space is tiny, she has thoroughly organized her belongings in the storage. Previously Jones lived in an apartment in silicon valley, but soon after, she lost the job. The single mother works as a bartender to make ends meet. 

After the initial story was out by CNN, Jones received a lot of attention. Some people messaged her with supporting word, while other poured in hate mails. They were calling her responsible for growing her babies in the garage rather than homes. The mother was only trying to raise awareness about the house crisis in San Fransisco. The sudden transformation of the hotspot is due to its wealthy residents. What do you think about Nicole’s story? Please share your thoughts in the feed.

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