Toddler Steals the Show at Mom’s Medical School Graduation by Giving Away Her Degree

Juggling through work-life and kids is not an easy job. However, it is not impossible either. Time and again, parents of young children have proved that they can have a professional and personal life with babies.

A similar inspiration is Rebecca Epstein, a mother of two and a bright student of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. The footage below is the glorious day of the Commencement Ceremony. She has earned her degree in Doctor of Medicine with hard work.

However, her two adorable toddlers steal the show on the stage. The babies are not just here to support their mommy but to accept the award. Once her name is called upon, she walks on the stage with her hand fulls with these daredevils.

She is carrying her small kid and redirecting the big one. As soon as they reach the stage, the big boy is ready to grab the MD’s degree. After she receives the degree, they take a quick snap. And then he goes wandering again, passing the degree to a senior. The whole scenario is priceless. Please press play and enjoy this hilarious clip. Share your thoughts on the hard work of the mom who passed with such flying colors.

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