They Asked to Borrow This Homeless Man’s Bucket, Then Do Something Amazing

There are a lot of homeless people all around the world. We see them every day; maybe on our way to work or school, or even while surfing the streets. But how often so you stop and paid them any mind? Well here’s a video that wants you to consider doing just that.

We are so oblivious that we don’t see and often tend to ignore the heartbreaking condition of these people around us. Everyone is too caught up in their own lives.

But the video below shows us a beautiful example of what could happen if we take a moment to stop for a little while and help someone in need.

Three German students decided to take a time out of their busy lives and help a homeless guy they meet on the streets. They sit down with him and what they do for him is beautiful. The look on the guy’s face towards the end choked me up!

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