Depressed Pit Bull at Shelter Refuses to Move for Days, Until One Angel Comes by

Animals can have just as much of emotions as humans do. Some animals tend to express their happiness and sadness through their actions.

If it is not known to you, it is a fact that even animals have separation anxiety, depression, and fear of abandonment. One such pitbull was rescued by Abbey. She is a shelter owner who really could not help but worry about the depressed dog Nala.

Nala may have had a sad past and people may have been abusive towards her. She sat sadly in a corner until the shelter owner’s son came to her. It was an instant connection. The two bonded quite well. Luckily for Nala, the shelter has found a suitable and safe home for Nala.

The pitbull is happier and safer than ever. Watch the full video below!

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