Confused Veteran Yells “What Are You Doing?” at Checkout – See Why…

Our veterans have risked their lives to serve the country and, too many times, we the public have just taken them for granted. Unless we were there, we can’t imagine the stress and danger they’ve had to put up with on our behalf.

In this video, we see someone who tried to right just a little bit of that wrong. A young man made a tremendous gesture for one veteran by doing an act of kindness. During a recent St. Patrick’s holiday, a young man paid for the items of a veteran who was standing behind him at a Walmart in Akeny, Iowa.


The older veteran was caught off guard and started to object because he wasn’t sure what happened. But the clerk had the perfect follow up when the man asked what he was supposed to do. Check out the image below, taken from Facebook post by the woman behind the veteran in line.

The young man’s simple reason was perfect: “You served us, sir, please let me do this for you.” Never forget our veterans, especially those from the war.

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