Little Penguin Has the Most Adorable Reaction When Tickled

There is no doubt that Penguins are very different from their flying counterparts. Not only are they flightless, but they also live in one of the coldest regions of the earth. Moreover, these adorable birds can also make bonds that can last a lifetime. And as this video suggests, they are also ticklish!

Cincinnati Zoo’s Bird Households a range of avian creatures from all over the world. And Cookie the Penguin happens to be its little mascot! Unfortunately, the tiny black and white bird has bumblefoot. The condition prevents him from enjoying the waters too often as he has to wear a bandage sock most of the time. Instead, he loves spending time with the zoo staff. And what he does when he sees his favorite zookeeper is adorable!

cookie penguin tickle

The little birdie is ecstatic to visit the staff! He can’t keep his excitement in control and fluffs his tail. Furthermore, he waddles into the staff room slowly. But that is until he sees his favorite human. The zookeeper moves his hands to call Cookie, and the penguin rushes towards him! Moreover, he lets out the cutest squeal when the caretaker tickles him.

Watch the funny video below:

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