Incredible ‘Billie Jean’ Performance at School Talent Show Gets Over 5m Views

I’m sure everyone knows the song “Billie Jean.” One of Michael Jackson’s biggest hits, it was on top of the Billboard’s Hot 100 for seven whole weeks. Moreover, it is one of the best-selling singles of all time, with over 10 million copies sold, which is why people of all ages still know it to this day. And this boy’s performance in his school talent show is as remarkable as the song itself!

DeCory found his love for music singing in church when he was only four years old. Furthermore, he also began dancing as an extension to his musical talent. And as he grew older, it only became better! Additionally, the young boy is a massive fan of Michael Jackson. So, he decided to emulate the pop star for his performance in Spring Branch Middle’s talent show.


Donning a striking outfit complete with a hat that the King of Pop would surely approve of, he comes to the stage. And the audience already knows this is going to be an epic performance! As the music plays, DeCory perfectly impersonates the legendary pop star. And when he starts singing the crowd can’t b! And if his singing while dancing isn’t impressive enough, wait till he hits the high notes!

Watch the entire performance below:

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