During His World Championship, This Man Fed a Stray Dog, This Beautiful Story Has Garnered Millions of Views

When Peak Performance, a team of Swedish athletes set off on a journey to win the adventuring racing world championship, they knew they had to go through hell and high waters to finish it. They expected terrible natural conditions and rough environments, but they did not expect this encounter which would eventually lead to a lifelong friendship.

When they took a break before embarking on a dangerous 20-mile trek through the Ecuadorian rainforests, they came across a scruffy stray dog. One member Mikael Lindnord noticed him staring, so he gave him some food. And what happened next is truly extraordinary. The dog started following them and he stayed with them for the rest of the 430 miles long journey. They named Arthur. After all, they had been through, Mikael couldn’t leave him so he adopted him.

Extreme adventurers adopt plucky dog 0-18 screenshot

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