This Baby Bat Was Separated From Its Mother. When It Cries for Help They Do Something Incredible

Bats are fascinating creatures. After all, they are flying mammals! Not just that, they have remarkable sonar vision. This means that these creatures can see with their ears. They make a sound, and sensing the echo it produces, navigate through dark caves. But the fact that I found most interesting is— bats are loving parents!

One day, a man by the name of Joel Guglietta found a teeny baby bat lost and stranded. Its mother was nowhere to be found, which is very rare for these maternal animals. He kept the winged-fuzzy safely in an area until the people of ACRES Wildlife came to handle the situation. However, as soon as they come, they leave the baby bat on the floor of an open parking lot. And the reason why is shocking!

baby bat

The baby bat who is flat on the ground makes the cutest noises, presumably calling out for help. And just 2 minutes later, another bat sweeps into the rescue. It is none other than its Mom! She flew in circles in the sky, trying to pinpoint her baby. As soon as she hears it, she dives in to hug it. Moreover, the moment they reunite is so cute and filled with kisses! Watch the reunion below:

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