Surveillance Camera Captures a Brave Cat Defending Baby From an Innocent Babysitter

I’m sure you’ve heard of instances of dogs being protective of their owners. They give their all to get their beloved humans out of danger. But have you ever heard of a cat putting up a fight for their owners? Well, this surveillance footage is all the proof you need.

Many people think cats are selfish creatures. This fact could not be further from the truth! And this black and white cat proves that they are as worthy of companions as dogs. There are a few misunderstandings in this instance. But the sentiment that the feline expresses has changed the way people see cats forever. In the clip, a toddler and a young babysitter can be seen playing with a ball. They are tossing it back and forth, having a great time.

cat attack

However, an accident occurs when the toddler throws the ball a little too hard at the table. Something made of glass falls and breaks. Furthermore, this makes the toddler cry. That’s when the heroic cat dashes into the room. It assesses the situation and starts to jump and attack the babysitter. Of course, it is a mistake since the sitter hasn’t done any harm to the kid. But its good to know that your cat has your back in emergencies. Watch video of the action below:

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