He Looks Like a Normal Cat. But When You Take a Closer Look, He’s a Miracle

It’s so sad to see animals with various physical conditions not get a shot at life. When animals have a disability, it is very difficult for them to be adopted. It’s sad to see many animals being abandoned from their homes if they develop some illness or disability later in life. Oscar the cat had to go through a horrendous ordeal. His hind legs were cut off by a harvester in a field. Without his paws, it was hard for him to move around as easily as he used to.

Thankfully, a dedicated vet had made it his mission to make him walk again. Animals don’t usually get prosthetics, but this vet wasn’t about to give up that easy. He came up with a prosthetic foot for Oscar. The wonderful vet even wrapped it in black tape to make sure the foot matched the cat’s fur! Now that is paying attention to detail!

It was a match! Oscar could have even made medical history with his incredible prosthetic. The surgery was a huge success, as you can tell by Oscar’s reaction. As soon as he came around, Oscar started walking around with a spring in his step! He appeared to be very comfortable with his new feet and was so hyperactive with it that the vet had to cut parts of the office with piles of paper rolls.

That wouldn’t stop Oscar though—he kept jumping around without a care in the world!

Check out this amazing video below:

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