A Soldier Leaves All His Weapons and Walks in Into a River, This Video Makes Me Cry Every Time I See It

When the war was at its peak, many soldiers were going through hell and high waters for their survival. A little outside the Rawah Anbar province in Iraq, many soldiers were facing terrifying attacks on a daily basis. But even at desperate times like these, miracles do happen. This story below is going to warm your heart like no other.

When the soldier in the video, was surrounded by terrorist insurgents in Iraq, he decided he wanted to be properly baptized in the only river that is mentioned in both the first and last book of the Christian Bible. So on a cloudy day, the soldier, Stephen Stormberg and his unit ran into the Euphrates River when the fog was thick enough to hide them. This powerful moment in his life will warm your heart for sure!

Christian Baptism of American Soldier while Fighting in Iraqi War 3-33 screenshot

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