Busker Sings Nina Simone Song – Elderly Man Can’t Contain His Joy, and They Start to Dance

The streets of any European country is one big musical adventure. The streets are full of amazing buskers showcasing their musical talents. And every corner you go to, you can listen to some incredible music. But when this woman was busking on the streets of Madrid, something beautiful happened.

DanDann was playing one of Nina Simone’s classics, “My Baby Just Cares For Me.” She was performing on the Gran Via in Madrid, Spain. But as she was getting on with her song, an older man came up to her and got to re-live one of his happy memories from back in the days.

old man dances with busker

The old man was just a passer-by, but he couldn’t resist stopping as soon as DanDann started singing. He had a huge smile across his face. And as the song went further, he couldn’t stop himself from grooving along with it.

Thus, the old man starts dancing. And he danced like no one was watching him. He was too adorable for DanDann not to join. So, she leaves her microphone and joins the old man. And the two of them dance the song away. WATCH the incredible video below.

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