Dog looked like a stone due to mange, but her transformation in just 6 weeks is unreal

Life on the streets is harsh for any animal. They have to fend for themselves, and don’t even know where they will get their next meal from. They also suffer all sorts of ailments silently, as they have nobody to look after them. The street dog problem is quite rampant in many South Asian countries like India. Thankfully, organizations like Animal Aid Unlimited are working on caring for the neediest of such stray animals.

This is the story of a stray dog named Alice. She had developed a severe case of mange. It is a painful skin condition, and it had gotten so bad that she had formed stone-like scabs on her skin. Since no human or dog came near her, she was totally isolated and had shut herself down.

Workers from Animal Aid Unlimited finally secured her and immediately started her treatment. It involved a lot of baths and skin care, but Alice didn’t protest at all. Within just 4 days, the hard scabs had come off and her skin was almost smooth. The treatment continued, and in just 6 weeks, she looked like a totally new dog!

She was very gentle and loving to everyone. This goes to show just how a little effort can make a huge difference in anybody’s life.

Check out her stunning transformation below:

[ytvid id=”T0xb2FpVMwc”]

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