Exceriscig or just moving our body for at least a few minutes every day is crucial. Especially with growing age. Our body goes through series of changes as we reach every new milestone in our age. From our personalities to eating habits, they all seem to amplify.

So, if you are an introvert, you will probably enjoy your days with a relatively small company. In the case of extroverts, chances are you will have an unscheduled dancing session in the middle of the parking lot. Much like this sporty granny featured in the video. The footage seems to be captured unannounced by the dancer herself.


A group of customers in a restaurant nearby were able to witness the amazing performance by the granny. Although we don’t the music she’s dancing to. The grandmas surely is killing it. It’s not a regular dance, the elderly lady has a range of dance moves incorporated in her carefree performance.

Please press play and enjoy this entertaining video.

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