Weatherman and Adoption Dog Are So Funny on Air That the Pup Gets Adopted Next Day

Approximately 3 million dogs enter animal shelters every year. Some are lost dogs who eventually do reunite with their owners. However, most canines that arrive some strays or pets have been abandoned forever. No wonder staff and rescuers try their hardest to find them a home. And some have found innovative ways to do so!

Many people tune in to the news to watch the weather forecast for the week. Other than to check if the week is going to be sunny or not, these reporting segments can be pretty uneventful. So, to make things a little interesting, Global news station of Alberta, Canada, brought in 18-month-old Mastiff-mix Ripple to feature in their weather report.

ripple bites leash

Reporter Mike Sobel introduces Ripple as soon as they start filming. And the doggos intention is clear from the very beginning. The dog wants to play! He won’t even listen when Mike tells him to sit down. Furthermore, he keeps biting his red leash. Mike continues having a hard time handling the cute pup as he does his job. But the funniest part has to be when Ripple breaks free from his leash after biting it in half. Not only is this clip hilarious, but sources say that it got someone to adopt Ripple the very next day! Watch it below:

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