Woman Finds Son She Gave Up for Adoption 33 Years Ago and the Reunion is So Heartwarming

Reunions are always heartwarming. People separate because of their circumstances.

It is not easy to separate from the people that you love the most in the world. This is possibly one of the most heartwarming reunions you will ever watch on the internet. The cutest of all the reunions. A mother and son reuniting after years of being separated from one another. The mother had her own reasons to have given up the child for adoption.

It took her 33 long years and the entire life of her son to meet him again. Both the mom and son were in disbelief when they met one another for the first time after they were separated. Things got a little emotional during the reunion as is obvious. I really fell in love with the heartwarming situation of this mom and son.

This is so amazing. Watch the full video below!

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