Man Sells Late Aunt’s Painting for $2k and Immediately Regrets It After Knowing It’s Real Worth

This man really thought he was in luck only to realize that he is actually out of luck. It is almost unfortunate how events in life took turns.

Things in our life don’t always happen the way we want them to. In fact, it almost never does. The worse part about it all is that people get what they least want when they are seeking the best and the same happened to this man. His story went viral for only the wrong reasons. The whole situation is even more unfortunate than we are making it sound.

This man sold a painting from his late aunt’s collection for 2 million. It may seem like a heavy amount but it cost him much more. His happiness dropped as soon as he realized that the painting was worth $165 million dollars and it was in fact stolen. The aunt of this man must’ve been into some heist.

This is quite shocking. Watch the full videos below!

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