Boy Loses Soldier Dad – 15 Yrs Later, Stranger at Door Tells Mom, Son to Come Outside

Sometimes objects hold so much more meaning due to their history. A personal item that might be nothing to one person may be cherished by another because it belonged to a long-lost loved one.

The clip below is a story of a Moore, Texas, veteran’s family. In 2003, Army First Lieutenant Jonathan Rosier died in a wreck. His son, Justin, was only nine months old and as he grew up, he cherished anything that used to belong to his dad.

Once he got close to driving age, Justin decided he’d like to have one of his dad’s cars, any car, just so long as it had once belonged to his dad. Justin’s mother, Jessica, had long ago sold the 1999 Toyota Celica that his dad had driven, so she went to social media to search for the vehicle on Facebook.

Amazingly, the post reached Kyle Fox in Pleasant Grove, Utah, who didn’t only find it, he fixed it up for Justin. Then he drove it thousands of miles from Utah to Texas to surprise Justin on his 15th birthday. I am just speechless at this man’s generosity.  Watch the video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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