Minutes Before Officer Loses His Life, Security Camera Captures His 1 Final Act

Life is so unpredictable. You can’t ever tell how a day might turn out to be. You can start it off in a good foot, but it can take a horrible turn later. This story is just an example of how it goes. Police officer Jeremy Henwood had come back from tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was a Marine combat veteran, and his family was really proud of his accomplishments. But little did they know that home soil would turn out to be deadlier to him than hostile foreign lands.

This video shows the final few moments of his life. He was at a local McDonalds. While standing in line, a boy named Daevon asked the officer for some change. He asked for 10 cents for some food, and the officer was more than happy to help. He even paid for the young boy’s cookies! Daevon was really happy. Nobody expected this to be one of the final acts of kindness in his life, because disaster struck only moments later.

The officer went back to his car, and drove off a few miles. It was then when he was gunned to death in his car. The world lost a very kind soul. His last act of kindness left a deep impact in Daevon, who said that this incident would stay with him for a really long time. Officer Henwood’s family members were naturally heartbroken, and so were his colleagues in the force.

After serving on many tours of Iraq and Afghanistan, who could have predicted that Officer Henwood would have to come home to this? What happened to him was tragic, but his last act of kindness is inspiring millions of people around the world. Check out the full story below:

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