Vietnam Vet Finds Out He Has a Daughter – 50 Years Later

78-year-old Gary Barnes, who lives on a small acreage in Deer Valley, California, near Sacramento, said he never wanted to have children and thought he’d made good on that vow. Until the phone rang and changed everything.

Barnes had gone to Vietnam when he was drafted and, without knowing it, fathered a child while on leave in the Philippines. He found out when Olivia Robles called, explained she  had done some research, thought he might be her father and asked if he’d be willing to take a DNA test. Gary said yes and that lead to the two agreeing to meet.

“I am overjoyed,” Gary said. “I feel like this is a part of my life I’ve never had.” This video shows the long-overdue and much-anticipated meeting between Olivia and Gary at the airport and it is wonderful to watch.

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