This Adorable Puppy Is A Therapy Dog. But Wait Till You See What Else She Can Do

There are a lot of different pet videos on the internet. One dog in particular has been taking the world by storm with her smart tricks. She is called Misa Minnie and she is an adorable Yorkshire Terrier who is only 1 and a half months old in this video. Wait till you see what this cutie is capable of! She will leave you stunned!

Not only is Misa Minnie adorable, but she is really intelligent as well. Her range of tricks is unbelievable. Her owner says that Misa is trained with “positive reinforcement” and lots of treats. She lives in Sunny California where she is home trained by her loving owner. Misa also works as a Therapy Dog for children and patients in hospice.

Watch little Misa and her incredible tricks in the video below! Have you ever seen anything like it? Let us know if you enjoyed it via your comments!

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