3-year-old Becomes Youngest National Anthem Singer in Carrier Dome History

It is an honor to be able to sing the national anthem in any platform for anyone. People work hard to be able to do that. But a young boy has broken the record of being the youngest person to sing the national anthem at Carrier Dome.

It was the School Day game between Syracuse and Niagara. It was one of the team’s best-attended games ever with over 6,000 spectators to watch the basketball match between the two teams. And Drake Grillo stood in the middle of the stadium with a mic in his hand and his mother by his side.

youngest anthem singer

And in front of the 6,000+ audience, Drake sang the national anthem. Drake became the youngest person ever to perform the national anthem at the Carrier Dome.

Even though there were more than 6,000 people present that day, 3-year-old Drake was calm and composed. And looks like he knew what he was doing. Even though Syracuse won the game in their home stadium, they didn’t make any record. However, at just 3, Drake made history by being the youngest anthem singer in Carrier Dome.

WATCH the incredible performance below.

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