The little girl runs out of treats for her reindeer. But wait— it has a magical secret!

According to Christmas legends, reindeers help Santa Claus pull the sleigh across the night sky to deliver gifts to kids around the world. Reindeers symbolize wisdom, creativity, and inventiveness. No wonder these animals are Santa’s helpers.

Kids also love these furry animals. This is the case with the little girl in the video. With the festive season here, the girl is obsessed with reindeers. So much so that she begs her older sister, Jenny, to play “reindeers” with her. However, her teen sister refuses and tells her to grow up. This makes the girl very upset. But her dad has a surprise to cheer her up.

christmas miracle reindeer

A real reindeer runs up to her! The expression of the girl is genuinely priceless. But wait—the magic doesn’t end there. When the family goes for a food run to buy “Reindeer treats,” Jenny has a change of heart. And that is when we see the big reveal. This festive ad by McDonald’s UK shows the magic of Christmas and the importance of family. You have to watch the whole video:

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