Don’t we all love roasted chicken? Furthermore, we even buy seasoned meats, which are much help in the kitchen. However, the spontaneity of such meats can do enormous harm. In late 2020 a butcher shared his seven experiences. 

In the clip below, he provides us a proper guideline on what to steer clear of meat wise. 

Avoid pre-seasoned meats

The supermarkets not only charge higher for such products. You never know the quality and quantity of the seasoning. Therefore, it’s better to bring home fresh products and spend just a few seconds on the marination.

Avoid pre-assembled skewers

This is also another way of using cheap products under high market prices. The cuts used in this type of product is very cheap. Even though the process is time-consuming, it is best to use the right parts and assemble your skewers. 

Avoid Fillet

Fillets are a premium product. According to the chef, you are better off buying other juicy parts of the meat. For instance, teres major or New York strip steak is an excellent choice at one-third of the price.

Steer clear of water chilled chicken

If chickens chill in water, they will absorb the water and go all rubbery once you cook them. And worst individuals use chlorine water. Therefore, the meat absorbs the chlorine. It is best to buy meats that are air-chilled. Furthermore, if the packaging level doesn’t disclose the information. Assume it’s water chilled. 

Only buy chicken that’s labeled “No antibiotics.”

However, the label says no hormones, it will still contain antibiotics. 

Buy chicken that has the USDA Organic label.

If you want a chicken that is fed organic food, it is more helpful to buy the correct level. It may cost you a little. You are doing yourself a big favor by making healthy choices. 

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