Dad’s Teaching New Puppy To Howl – His Comeback Has Everyone In Laughter

Beagles are one of the cutest dog breeds around. Their patchy coloring and floppy ears are an amazing treat to the eyes too. They are pure hounds—most at home chasing wild game such as rabbits.

And because of their hound heritage, they have incredibly loud voices. Beagles have one of the loudest voices among all dogs, and they start young! The little pup in the following video perfectly shows off his pipes!

A couple was playing with their new 8-week-old pup named Moose. The man had placed him on his chest, he couldn’t keep his excitement. He wanted to teach the puppy how to howl. This was going to be a lesson that Moose would remember forever and thankfully it was caught on tape. First, Dad began to howl loudly. Then, after a couple of barks and whimpers, Moose understood and let out a howl that was just too precious!

The need to howl is part of a dog’s genetic makeup. Even as puppies, they realize that howling is a way to draw attention to themselves and communicate with those around them. That’s why dogs howl when sirens go off in the distance and when animals or people get too close to their territory. It is instinctual and essential, and Moose seems to have learned his first lesson on this important skill.

It might not be the fiercest or most intimidating howl, but you have to admit that it’s just too cute to handle! Watch the hilarious clip below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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