Baking is a work of art, and there is no denying that, from radiant colors to exceptional decorations, the artists have reached new heights. Furthermore, baked items, mainly cake, have become a massive part of the celebration these days. From wedding to baby showers, it seems to be a necessity than a choice.

Therefore, completion is really high in markets. Bakers come up with new ideas and add them to Oven to bring their creations to life. With social media culture, influencing or reaching possible consumers has been accessible with unique baked items on the plate.

So much so, the illusion has now become part of your food. A French artist, Alexandre Dubosc, has successfully raised the bars high with a spectacular fusion. The professional is highly known for his ability to create 3D foods. The work takes him over months and undivided attention. Every particular design needs to be placed in an exact position.

The desserts given down below goes by the name “caketrope,” referencing zoetropes. Once spun, the cake provides visual to the illusion created by images added in sequence and stays in a continuum. That cake will be the center of attraction at any party. Please take a look at the mystical creation by Alexandre. Share your afterthoughts in the feed.

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