Marines Challenged to a Friendly Drum Battle Put on a Big Show

When you hear about a battle between two militaries, you might think that it’s going to be a violent affair. Moreover, you might even imagine weapons being involved. And it’s undoubtedly something of national interest. However, this battle between the US Marines and the Korean Army will bring a smile to your face.

The Marine Corps has a Youtube channel that active-duty marines manage. They regularly update the page with informational, historical, and exciting content. But this ‘battle of the band’ video is one of the more wholesome footage. Here, the US III Marine Expeditionary Force face-off against the Republic of Korea Army band in a friendly drum battle.

drum battle

The epic battle starts with the five members of the Korean army band playing a fun marching beat. They receive a round of applause, and then it’s the Marines’ turn. They start with a subtle beat. But then, they burst into a barrage while moving towards the competing team. Moreover, they begin drumming a unique rhythm that’s more fit for dancing than marching. The drumline competition ends there, and everyone comes out the winner! Watch the full video below:

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