Her Truck Crashed in a Rural Road, Then a Stray Dog Miraculously Rescues Her

People who have dogs know just how loyal they can be. Even in the direst of emergencies, your dog will never leave your side. This can also apply towards some strangers as well. When a woman from Pavo, Georgia got into a fatal accident, it was a stray dog that miraculously saved her. Shannon Lorio, a 36-year-old woman, had gone for a drive down the country roads. When she came to a curve too fast, she felt her car swerve towards a ditch.

The crash threw Lorio from the front seat through her back window. She was in shock and couldn’t walk. “I was bleeding from my face and my nose,” she said. Because she was in a quiet area, the chances of a passing motorist seeing her were also quite slim. Just then, something amazing happened—a stray dog popped out of nowhere and began licking her face. After they were acquainted with each other, the dog pulled on her shirt collar 50 yards uphill until they were back on the highway.

Miraculously, the dog stood guard over her until they were able to ask somebody a ride back to town. The dog was abandoned by his previous owners, but after this incident, Lorio named him Hero. Sadly, Lorio couldn’t adopt the dog because she already had 6 dogs of her own. She did get him a big bone and a toy. Hero returned to the shelter, and since then has been trained in order to work even better in search and rescue missions.

Because of Hero, Lorio was able to go back home and avoid a very dangerous situation. This act of kindness has ensured a bright future of Hero as well. Check out this amazing video below:

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