Man Hides a Camera in a Bucket of Water to See Who Drinks From It, Result Doesn’t Disappoint

The video below shows desert animals secretly being filmed while they approach a water bucket in order to quench their thirst. Everybody loves drinking water when you are in the desert – it doesn’t matter if you are a chicken, or a donkey, or a rabbit, or even a tiny little bee. The video was uploaded on YouTube by John Wells from The Field Lab, a Southwest Texas alternative energy and sustainable living field laboratory.

He writes in the description, “I was pleasantly surprised during the edit to see that George made an appearance. I know him from all the other rabbits because of the tiny notch in his ear. A burro just happened to come by in time to be included. Ben went against the script and decided to just nudge the bucket. You can lead a steer to water but you can’t make him drink. Note: The swimming bees were rescued.”

John moved from New York to almost “the middle of nowhere” in order to live an off-grid lifestyle. And he is already known in certain ecology-conscious circles for managing to build a modern house with solar energy and composting for just $1600. Watch this amazing video he took below!

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