When a Shark Approaches a Florida Diver, You Won’t Believe it Wanted

Here’s an underwater good Samaritan story between a man and of all things, a shark. It probably won’t end up on Shark Week but is incredible nonetheless.

Josh Eckles is an experienced diver who’s seen his share of sharks off the coast of Jupiter, Florida. But on one dive he noticed that a lemon shark kept following him around and, strangely enough, seemed to be trying to get his attention. When he looked on the shark’s underbelly, he noticed the problem.

Sticking out of her stomach was the end of a large hook. At first the shark swam away when he touched it, but eventually it came back. Josh’s dive team caught the entire experience on camera–watch how Josh helps the shark and what she does in return!

Watch the full video below and let us know what you think of Josh’s efforts

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