Curious Cat Notices a Snail on his Friend’s Paw, Watch What he Does

Cats are some of the coolest creatures on planet earth. Many people mistake them as being cold and detached animals, but that is not true at all. They can be really loving and affectionate when they feel like it! Just take the adorable cats featured in the cute video given below. You are going to melt for sure when you see this! I wouldn’t really call myself a cat person, but this video is one of my favorites.

Cats have been stereotyped as standoffish or cold, but these cats show us exactly how caringthey can really be. Wait till you see these precious felines – you won’t be able to hold back your smile! These cats recently met a tiny snail and their reaction to it is the sweetest thing I have seen in my life. I really can’t stop smiling at this! The small snail climbed up on the paw of one of the cats, but the white kitty is unaffected by it. However, his friend’s reaction is a whole new story!

The reaction of the second cat is a bit different. He is very curious about the tiny little thing. He approaches his friend quietly and tries to check out the snail from up close. And it looks like the snail is just as curious as the cat! I thought the cat was going to eat the snail, but boy was I wrong! This is adorable!

Watch this precious clip below! Let us know in the comments if it made you smile!

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