A Waitress Fed a Homeless Person and She Couldn’t Imagine Who He Really Was!

Here’s a heartwarming story of someone performing a selfless act, even knowing it would have adverse consequences for themself, but gets rewarded in the end.

In some cafes and restaurants, there is an unspoken rule: if you serve a customer who obviously cannot pay, the one serving has to clear their bill. Without debating whether it’s fair or not, we’ll just acknowledge that when a ragged looking man enters this cafe, that’s why none of the employees were interested in helping him.

But Maria, one of the waitresses, decided that this time she would not just “let it go.” She served him a meal, believing she’d have t pay. But in the end, it was Maria who was rewarded: the man not only paid his bill but left a $100 tip and a note explaining why.

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