Man Makes Headlines After His This Video of Showing Landlord’s Insane Rent Increase

This is one of the most amazing videos you will find on the internet. People really need to watch this!

This video will make you wonder why and how the wages, rents, and leases work. This man brilliantly expressed his opinions on the internet about things as such and we are more than glad he did so by spreading awareness to people all around America. This Tiktok user shared that he has been living in Dallas and in the same apartment for three years. For all those years, the TikTok user said he paid around $1,295 per month.

His rent jumped to almost a whopping $500 increase. Upon the renewal of his lease, he will be paying $1,715. The problem is really increasing in ways people just can’t help but rethink what can be done or what is the issue here. “I never understood why it increases each year you decide to stay,” one user commented.

What are your views on this? Watch the full video below!

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